środa, 29 lutego 2012

My bedroom

I want to show You my bedroom.
My bedroom is small, but I think that is cute. When bedroom was arranged my budget was quite limited, but I think I worked it well.
The bedroom is bright and full of light and it has no unnecessary things.
Just a bed, side tables with lamps, chest of drawers and linen basket and extra blanket on top.
On the one wall we put fake stone which look vey nice.

I like stone and orchid.

There's always some book on my side ( I like reading)

This little tedy bear is very  especially and important for me.

The river

I just watch new TV series: The river and I really like that. The crew of a research vessel are on a quest to find a missing TV explorer in the Amazon. The show is reallu promising and for nowe I saw 4 from 8 episodes.
I sincerely recommend that show.

 Photos;  series promo

wtorek, 28 lutego 2012

Pasta salad

Yesterday I made salad  with pasta, salami, olives (green and black) and dried tomatoes, parmesan and garlic. Yummy.

14 pieces only

I fell in love www.shopbop.com proposals.
Helpful suggestions  how using  small amount of clothes  create many different opportunities to work using only 14 pieces.
Perfect for bussiness trip and normal day at work. I love that